It is sheer coincidence that I am launching my blog – WomeNova Exchange – on 2017 International Women’s Day (IWD). I had been thinking of launching this blog since September 2016 but there was always something to distract me and had I not pushed myself hard this time, I wouldn’t be writing these lines. Interestingly, the theme for this year’s IWD is #BeBoldForChange and I think this blog is just a tiny step towards that ‘change’. It is an effort to find out answers and seek guidance from people, particularly women, who have already been bold and are a role model for others.

When I first conceived the idea of starting this blog, my goal was to talk to women leaders and find out what is it that got them to the top? Why are there still fewer women in leadership positions? How would they describe their journey? What are their suggestions for future women leaders? I kept thinking about these questions and many more and the need to get the answers for those intensified over time partly because of what was happening on the US political front and partly because of my own experiences.

I am hoping that WomeNova Exchange is going to be an avenue where women can find the courage and inspiration to #BeBoldForChange. A platform where women will connect, learn, support and inspire one another. A place where women will virtually come together to talk about their dreams, challenges, careers, families and everything in between.

My plan is to post my conversations, and interviews with women (some in leadership positions, some aspiring to be there). I will also be re-posting articles that focus on women issues and anything that I deem inspirational and helpful to women. You are more than welcome to share your ideas, inspiration, tips and hacks.

If you have been wondering why the name WomeNova then keep checking back. One of my future posts will reveal the story behind the name!

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